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Libraries can contain at least one book, card or rune in them. The books are free to pick up, but as they are all activated items, you can only take one.

The list of books that can be found in the library can be found here.


A Library can take one of the following layouts:

  • 2 Books
  • 1 Book and a random card
  • 2 Books and a Battery
  • 1 Book and 2 Batteries
  • 3 Books
  • 1 Book, with 4 more Books locked behind Key Blocks
  • 4 Books blocked by Spikes
  • 4 random cards or runes
  • 2 Books and a Key Master


  • Once all books in the library pool have been picked up, items from the Treasure Room pool will spawn instead.
    • This can be achieved by repeatedly re-rolling the contents of a Library with The D6.
  • DLC.png Chaos will replace the books with items from random pools, allowing you to get passive items without rerolling.


  • The music that plays in the Library is the same as the one played in Ending 14.