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Tiny Planet
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Orbiting tears + range up
ID 233
类型 道具
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小小星球Tiny Planet)是一个重生中加入的道具


  • 角色的眼泪会环绕角色。
  • 射程大幅度上升。
  • 眼泪高度+7
    • 眼泪高度上升,允许角色的眼泪飞过障碍物。


  • 煤块:This item drastically increases the screen time of tears because it makes them orbit around Isaac for a few seconds. A Lump Of Coal adds a lot of damage to tears in "outer orbit".
  • 反重力:悬停时眼泪不会移动,释放后眼泪会回到角色周围。
  • 阿撒泻勒:血激光柱会环绕角色一圈再向前发射。
  • 鲍勃的烂脑袋:脑袋炸弹会环绕角色。
  • 硫磺火:血激光柱会环绕角色一圈再向前发射。
  • 婴儿博士:发射的炸弹会环绕角色。
  • 钩形虫:被小小星球覆盖。
  • 吐根:爆炸眼泪会环绕角色。
  • DLC.png标记:自动发射会环绕角色的眼泪,玩家可以专注于控制移动键。
  • 妈妈的刀:The knife will spiral out clockwise from where it is held, and then return along the same path. The distance that it moves is proportional to how long the throw is charged, as per usual. This makes the knife much more difficult to use effectively.
  • 巨怪的肺:This item removes the extra height and range bonuses, causing the burst of tears to circle around and land behind the player after only being airborne for a short time.
  • 我的镜像:角色移动时,眼泪会更快地回到角色身边。
  • 环形虫:Every single tear spins uncontrollably fast, making aiming incredibly difficult. However, with large shots (Death's Touch with high damage, for instance) this combo can fill the entire screen with projectiles almost immediately.
  • 橡胶胶水:眼泪反弹后仍然会环绕角色。
  • 伤心炸弹:炸弹发射的眼泪会在炸弹爆炸的位置环绕。
  • 塔米猫的头:The tears orbit around Isaac, making it easier to hit enemies.
  • 科技:激光会环绕角色一圈再向前发射。
  • 牵引光束:覆盖小小星球。
  • 鲁多维科科技:The tear controls strangely. It orbits Isaac slowly when not controlled, and when controlled, the tear's movement is distorted.
  • 扭扭虫:The tear forcefully orbits while spiraling. The orbit amplifies the wiggle.


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