DLC+.png32. 愚人节
April Fool
使用人物 Isaac App.png
HUD Red Heart.pngHUD Red Heart.pngHUD Red Heart.png
特殊房间 宝箱房 Icon.png:有    商店 Icon.png:有
目的地 第四章
特殊规则 地图随机显示。
Achievement aprils fool.png
愚人节 DLC+.png


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药丸! DLC+.png


愚人节April Fool)是第32号挑战。玩家将操控以撒,通过第四章。


  • 所有道具都不会使用自身的图标。
  • 拾取心、硬币、炸弹、钥匙会获得另一种掉落。
    • 例如拾取心可能会给予硬币/炸弹/钥匙,拾取硬币可能会给予心/炸弹/钥匙。
  • 使用主动道具/卡牌/药丸会变为随机的主动道具/卡牌/药丸效果。
  • 地图上不会显示角色所在的正确位置。
    • 但地图是正确的,可以通过特殊房间来判断角色所在的房间。
  • 每一层的首领都是肿胀,包括第六层与第八层,它会替换掉妈妈/妈妈的心/它还活着


  • Randomness can be the key factor to surviving this challenge, as sometimes coins will actually give Soul hearts, black hearts, and crucially, gold hearts. This means that if you get lucky and come into a lot of coins, you have a chance of easily and quickly increasing your health (in addition to potentially getting gold hearts), and the gold heart synergy will spawn more coins, resulting in potentially more health, allowing you to take some damage with impunity.
    • When dimes or nickels are picked up, they will act as 10 or 5 of the pickup they act as respectively, which can lead to gamebreaking results such as getting 5 gold hearts at once.
  • It is possible to use a Swallowed Penny Icon.png Swallowed Penny along with a sacrifice room and the frequency of Gold Hearts to generate infinite coins. This also will end up triggering many of the sacrifice room's effects, such as transporting Isaac to Dark Room. The challenge can still be completed by defeating The Bloat at the end of the Dark Room stage. This can be done as early as the first floor. This may or may not be a bug.
  • Getting a zero recharge item (like Kamikaze! Icon.png Kamikaze!) and using it rapidly can result in a game-breaking run due to the fact that it triggers a random effect.
    • Be wary of using active items as it is possible to get undesirable effects such as Glass Cannon Icon.png n or Plan C Icon.png n.
  • The scrambled map allows all secret rooms to be found for free easily. The highlight of where you are on the map does not reflect your location but it will only show spots on the map which actually are rooms even if they have not been uncovered yet, including secret and super secret rooms.
  • Be very wary when using cards, as they could randomly activate a Suicide King effect.
  • Although items have changed their appearances, the item Isaac gets still belongs to its item pool. Thus, it could be treated as Curse of the Blind as usual.
  • Counterfeit Penny Icon.png Counterfeit Penny has a chance to grant coins upon picking them up, making it easier to accumulate coins.



  • This challenge's effect of changing item appearance is similiar to the April Fool's 2016 daily challenge.
  • The person who suggested this challenge got banned from /r/FUCKBLOAT, the anti-bloat subreddit, and had to use the "I love The Bloat" flair for a week on /r/bindingofisaac subreddit. [1]


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