The Lost
The Lost App.png
Damage Stat Icon 2.png 伤害 3.50(×1.00)
Tears Stat Icon 2.png 射击延迟 10
Shot Speed Stat Icon 2.png 弹速 1.00
Range Stat Icon 2.png 射程 23.75
Speed Stat Icon 2.png 移速 1.00
Luck Stat Icon 2.png 幸运 0.00
Starting Item Icon 2.png 初始物品 HUD Coin.png1
Normal Mode onlyD4 Icon.pngD4
DLC.pngNormal Mode onlyHoly Mantle Icon.png神圣斗篷
特性 飞行
Normal Mode only解锁条件
Achievement the lost.png
NoDLC Indicator.png很复杂

游魂The Lost)是以撒的结合:重生中一个可解锁的隐藏人物。游魂没有血量,拾取蓝心和黑心抑或增加心之容器的道具都没有效果;游魂一旦受到伤害就会死亡。游魂开局自带飞行穿透眼泪,主动道具D4(赌爆或炸掉30个赌博机后解锁)和被动道具DLC.png神圣斗篷(向贪婪机捐献879枚硬币后解锁)。游魂可以在恶魔房免费交易,激活DLC.png贪婪模式的按钮也免受伤害。



游魂 App.png以下成就都需要用游魂完成
Achievement isaac's heart.png
Achievement the mind.png
Achievement the body.png
Achievement the soul.png
Achievement a d100.png
Achievement godhead.png
Achievement sworn protector.png
誓约守护者 DLC.png
Achievement zodiac.png
黄道带 DLC.png
Achievement white baby.png
白色宝宝 DLC.png
Achievement holy card.png
神圣卡 DLC+.png
Achievement dad's lost coin.png
爸爸丢失的硬币 DLC+.png


请参阅文章: 游魂(策略)


  • 许多道具对游魂都没有效果:比如增加血量的道具和受伤才能触发的道具。
  • 复活道具如死猫对游魂有效,但因为没有血量的缘故无法显示在界面上。
  • 虽然在恶魔房中交易是免费的,但交易后仍然会降低天使房出现的概率;所以在可能的情况下,还是推荐使用信用卡;或者使用DLC.png混沌在其他地方刷出天使房的道具(钥匙碎片无法通过这种途径获得)。



The Lost is unlocked by dying consecutively with certain characters, with no other deaths. Deaths must be completed in the order shown here, and seeds can be used for the runs except for the last with Azazel:
  1. Isaac must die to a Mulliboom in The Basement or The Cellar.
  2. Magdalene must die to her own bomb in The Caves or The Catacombs.
  3. Judas must die to any Mom attack in The Depths or Necropolis. Being killed by any monster spawned by Mom will spoil the entire attempt at unlocking The Lost.
  4. Azazel must die to any Satan attack in Sheol. Being killed by The Fallen in the boss room or a Kamikaze Leech will spoil the entire attempt at unlocking The Lost. Being killed by using The Bible doesn't count as a Satan kill.

The Lost will be unlocked after dying to Satan's attack.


  • Multiple lives (for example, obtained by Dead Cat) must be depleted before the intended death, as deaths while having extra lives do not count as a game loss.
  • Having any mods installed that triggers the mod flag will make The Lost unobtainable. In order to fix this problem, all mods have to be removed.
  • The game cannot be won as any character required to unlock it when unlocking it.
  • Champion versions of monsters and bosses will count for the death criteria.
  • Runs can always be safely reset.
  • It should be noted that Mom's Foot's stomp counts as explosive damage, which makes Pyromaniac a problematic choice when trying to complete Step 3.
  • Picking the wrong character while unlocking him doesn't mess up the unlocking process[1].
  • Quitting and Restarting the game in the middle of the unlocking process doesn't mess it up[2].
  • Picking up Lazarus' Rags, Judas' Shadow, or Ankh should be avoided. These items will revive the current character as a different one and therefore prevent the current unlock-step from being fulfilled.


By changing a file parameter, an unsuccessful try can be undone:

  1. Backup the file Options.ini found in the Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Rebirth by making a copy of it in the same folder.
  2. Open the original file with Notepad and change the SteamCloud parameter in it to 0. This will disable Steam Cloud gamesaves synchronization.
  3. After an unsuccessful try, delete the original file and rename the backup copy with the name of the original file: Options.ini
  4. Repeat steps 1 after each successful run until you unlock The Lost.
  5. When finished, open the original file and restore the SteamCloud parameter in it to 1. This will enable SteamCloud gamesaves synchronization again.



 PC  GPE3 2T1H (Must be on Normal difficulty. 2 Mullibooms south of starting point. Use the sacrifice room above to damage yourself first)
 PC  PS4  JTMD EZPF (Must be on Normal difficulty. One mulliboom directly below the starting. Go left first to get weakened)
 PC  GH9Y FSA8 (Hard difficulty, series of rooms containing mullibooms going down)
 PC  Q2V4 YZET (Hard difficulty, Cellar needs to be unlocked, 2x2 room full of mullibooms (about 6/7) when going up)
 Vita  GQHN NMKN (Go left, 4+ Mullibooms)
 3DS  6Z2L AZ6J (Go left, 4+ Mullibooms)


 PC  ALFA 0NTS (Recommended Normal difficulty. Pyro in the first Treasure Room, adjacent to spawn)
 PS4  FDRG 0CTE (Pyro in the first Treasure Room, adjacent to spawn)
 Vita  DXVW MQCF (Pyro in the first Treasure Room)
 3DS  YGDC T8SL (10 bombs in the first Treasure Room)


 PC  YR8E YXDV (Must be on Normal difficulty. Polyphemus in the first Treasure Room. Do not take devil deals, as Trinity Shield and Sacred Heart will be available in Angel Rooms. Keep the Book of Belial to ensure they show up. Also, from the pills from Mom's Coin Purse (1st boss, Duke of Flies), take the orange (Health Up) then the white one (Full Health), ignore the blue ones (Speed Down)).
 PC  N0G3 VLD4 (Both modes) - Dr. Fetus on floor 1, and Ipecac on floor 2.
 PS4  DMTM NRD9 (Do not making a Devil Room deal in Basement II will spawn an Angel Room with Holy Grail in Caves I. Collecting everything grant huge tears.
 3DS  180Y 7RDC (Lots of health early (Rosary in first Treasure room), good pickups (Mulligan is in second Treasure room, Dr Fetus and Mr Mega in the third and fourth). Skip the first Devil deal, as the Angel deals are Sacred Heart, Mitre, and Scapular. Remember to trigger scapular before entering the Mom fight if you take it, as the immediate foot stomp may leave you with the bonus soul heart.)


 PC  HNA6 WEK7 (Dead Cat and Holy Mantle on first floor, helpful for practice runs)


  • 当有玩家通过文件拆包发现解锁游魂的方法时,Edmund McMillen和Tyrone Rodriguez都表示对这种做法十分失望:就好像“一口吞了一块价值不菲的牛排”一样。[3]
  • 一局游戏开始之前会显示一些关于解锁游魂的提示,包括寻人启事和游魂的图片。
  • NoDLC Indicator.png持有寻人启事时在献祭房死亡,可以在以撒的遗嘱上发现一块拼图:拼合后描述了不同人物的死亡,提供关于解锁游魂的线索。
  • 在1.02版本之前,退出一局游魂的游戏再继续的话,人物会死亡。
  • 游魂拾取道具、塔罗牌或胶囊时,你能看到与身体断开的手臂。
  • 一个流传已广但没得到官方证实的认知是说游魂开局携带的那一枚硬币,来源是卡戎的硬币——古希腊习俗在下葬前会在死者口中放一枚硬币,付给卡戎作为渡过冥河进入地府的船费;没有这枚硬币就无法通过冥河。
  • 在游戏内部,游魂其实有着半颗魂心,隐藏在一种类似永久性未知诅咒之后,所以无法在游戏界面看到游魂额外的生命。这半颗魂心使得游魂可以“拾取”魂心、黑心和白心;但无法增加血量,因为游魂的血量不断重置为最初的不可见的半颗魂心。
  • 在胎衣DLC中,层数之间的载入屏(以撒的梦境)又新增了一幕:“上帝的声音”让妈妈杀了以撒,而这声音其实来自阁楼上的游魂。这一gif最先在reddit以撒版以同人作品的形式出现,后来被收编在胎衣DLC中,作为新增的字载入屏之一。[4]


  • 恶魔房内可交易的物品仍显示三颗魂心的价格,是因为游戏机制中游魂身上有半颗不可见的魂心;但价格其实无关,恶魔交易对游魂来说是免费的。