DLC+.png34. 究极困难模式
Ultra Hard
使用人物 Isaac App.png
HUD Red Heart.pngHUD Red Heart.pngHUD Red Heart.png
初始道具 Collectible 238 Icon.png 钥匙碎片1钥匙碎片1
Collectible 239 Icon.png 钥匙碎片2钥匙碎片2
特殊房间 宝箱房 Icon.png:有    商店 Icon.png:有
目的地 超级撒旦
特殊规则 每层获得合并诅咒迷失诅咒迷宫诅咒致盲诅咒
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究极困难模式 DLC+.png
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参孙感到更健康! DLC+.png

究极困难模式Ultra Hard)是第34号挑战。以撒开局自带进入超级撒旦房间的两部分金钥匙,且需从黑暗层进入超级撒旦的房间


这一挑战如同他的名字一样,究级 困难:

  • 所有敌人都会是精英怪(如果有精英形式),包括首领,都会变成精英怪
    • 精英怪不会掉落任何掉落物
  • 玩家每一层都会获得以下诅咒:合并诅咒,迷失诅咒,迷宫诅咒,致盲诅咒
    • 这些诅咒不能以正常的方式被消除,如使用Dagaz 符文.
    • 除了上述诅咒,玩家还可以获得另外的两个诅咒:未知诅咒和黑暗诅咒,这两个诅咒可以通过正常方式被消除
  • 在这个挑战中你绝对找不到任何的心类掉落―红心,魂心,黑心或是永恒之心
    • 心仍旧可以通过被动道具被给予,比如Super Bandage 或是 Latch Key.
    • 会生成心类掉落物的道具或卡片比如说 The Hierophant 在此挑战中不会生成心类掉落
  • 所有首领都会以坏事成双形式出现
    • 因为地窖中的首领没有坏事成双形式,所以坏事成双形式只会出现于此之后
  • 只有 底片 会在杀死 Mom后掉落
    • 这迫使玩家不得不进入 SheolDark Room 来对抗超级撒旦
      • 即使 你可以选择进入Cathedral , 但即便你击杀了以撒并触摸了金宝箱,游戏也不会判定你完成挑战
    • 因为玩家无法进入The Chest, 所以玩家不能得到宝箱房初始房间四个宝箱中的道具福利


  • Attempt to find a good starting combination from the item rooms in the Basement XL. Getting something that grants HP regeneration is strongly recommended, such as 纵火狂, 水蛭, 吸血鬼的魅力 or 胎盘 (可以在前几层找到).(开局尽量刷到回血道具,炒鸡有用)
  • D10非常有用因为很多时候它能将敌人roll成普通型(而非变异)and never spawn new portals.
  • While the Challenge can likely be completed with accepting Devil Deals, it would be a better idea to attempt to choose Angel Rooms instead, since items that can make or break the player's victory could be found without sacrificing valuable heart containers. However, it should be noted that the Satanic Bible and the Nail are extremely good item for the run, and they may happen to be the two heart deal in the Devil Room. Libraries also contain books that can give health, such as the Book of Revelations and the Satanic Bible.
  • Eating unknown pills can be very dangerous, because Hematemesis reduces you to one heart without dropping any hearts. Identifying a Full Health, Balls of Steel or a Bad Trip pill early can be very beneficial, however.
  • Curse Rooms, generally, should be avoided because they cannot contain soul hearts with the exception of the first floor where the challege can be restarted if you don't get a beneficial item.
  • Be aware that Clicker can remove the Key piece 1 and Key piece 2 passive items given at the start of the run.
  • When playing co-op, having a Colorful Baby on start makes the run extremely easy, as the healing effect has infinite uses.
  • The Bedroom will still heal all the player's hearts, but can only be used once.
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