100 Greed Machine
Broken Green Machine

The Greed Machine appears after every Ultra Greed fight in Greed Mode. Upon touching the Greed Machine, Isaac will donate a coin, causing the displayed coin total to increment. This mechanic is unique in that the amount of coins donated will persist between all Greed Mode runs. Donating money to the Greed Machine unlocks achievements and items.


  • The Machine can be jammed, like the Donation Machine, when adding coins. The chance for the machine to jam is equal to 1% per 5 Coins donated. Each character's overall donation status is tracked separately across all playthroughs. For example, if you donated 65 Coins as Cain, the chance for the machine to jam on the next donation is 13%. (Note: Greed Machine Jam Chance has been greatly reduced as of the 2015-11-19 Afterbirth Update and the preceding formula no longer applies)
  • The jam percentage maxes out at 20% regardless of amount donated.
  • The amount of coins you can donate based on your percentage is calculated beforehand, rather than as you donate.

Greed Rewards

捐献硬币 奖励
2枚 解锁幸运硬币
15枚 解锁上吊的商店老板
33枚 解锁木质硬币
68枚 该隐持有 回形针
111枚 成就:一切都更可怕了!
234枚 解锁特殊店主
439枚 夏娃持有刀片
666枚 解锁商店钥匙
879枚 游魂持有神圣斗篷
999枚 成就:慷慨
1000枚 解锁店主

Greed Machine Tricks

Here are a few ways to drastically shorten the time spent on Greed mode by allowing the player to donate as many Coins as they want in a single run.

Quicker Donating to the Greed Machine

This method centers around the fact that the Greed Machine is unjammed every time Ultra Greed is killed but the coin count doesn't reset after the Glowing Hour Glass is used. In order to make this possible you will need some way to recharge your spacebar item, since you will only get one recharge every time you kill Ultra Greed. This is also a very good method to farm as many Eden tokens as you want, as one token will be granted for each Ultra Greed kill.

  1. Buy the Glowing Hour Glass.
    • The Glowing Hour Glass is very rare, but it can be found easier by exhausting the shop pool with any of the Infinite Money methods found below.
    • Since Chaos generates each item from a randomly selected pool, taking it slows way down the rerolling process as there is only one pool in Greed Mode containing the Hour Glass. As there is at least 16 item pools in the game, the player will need in average 16 times more rerolls to get the Glowing Hour Glass with Chaos than without Chaos.
  2. The fight with Ultra Greed has to be started with a fully charged Glowing Hour Glass.

From here is where you can start donating infinitely:

  1. Kill Ultra Greed. If the battle looks like a loss, the Glowing Hour Glass can be used once to reset the fight, but the next time Ultra Greed has to be defeated in order to keep the combo up.
    • A double-charged Hour Glass with The Battery allows infinite uses of the Hour Glass, allowing you to reset as much as you want any time.
  2. Donate money to the Greed Machine until the machine jams.
  3. Use the Glowing Hour Glass to reset back to the room before Ultra Greed.

Acquiring the Chaos Card

The Chaos Card (if unlocked already) will allow player to instantly kill Ultra Greed, cutting a large amount of time otherwise needed to defeat him.

  • Keep buying cards from the shop until a Chaos Card shows up.
  • Use a Deck Of Cards and buy Batteries until you draw a Chaos Card.
    • Any Little Batteries and Battery Items will further increase the effectiveness of Deck Of Cards.

If the Chaos Card is not available, Midas' Touch works as an alternative, provided you don't have minuscule Health.

Faster alternative method using the The Fool card

  • Acquire a infinite Glowing Hour Glass (using The Battery, or Habit and any form of self damage (bombs may work)), but bring The Fool card instead of the Chaos Card.
  • Kill Greed once, then run near the bottom of the room to spawn the machine by where the door was, but do NOT donate to the machine.
  • Use the fool card, re-enter the boss room, Greed will be dead but the machine will still be there, donate to the machine until it breaks.
  • Use glowing hour glass, re-enter room, donate again. Repeat.

Infinite Money

Via the 2 of Diamonds

  1. Acquire a 2 Of Diamonds card and the Blank Card (which must be unlocked first).
  2. Find a Little Battery for sale. At least 11 Coins are needed to exploit the 2 of Diamonds card.
  3. Use the Blank Card to double your money then buy the Little Battery to recharge the Blank Card. Restock will cause the Little Battery to constantly be restock in the store. This allows Isaac to generate an infinite amount of money.
  4. Rune of Jera can likewise be exploited in the same manner with coins on the ground, and can duplicate batteries in the shop for ease of exploitation.

This method can be used to quickly gain the Chaos Card as well:

  • Use a Deck of Cards and buy Batteries until you draw a Chaos Card.
    • Make sure your Coin count does not drop below 11 while doing this!

Via Head Of The Keeper

  • Acquire the Head Of The Keeper and some enemy spawning Monster(s) (like Ulcer) alive.
  • Keep killing spawned monsters until the total amount of desired coins has been spawned from your coin tears.
    • However Head Of The Keeper will make the fight against Ultra Greed more difficult by constantly producing coins next to him, allowing him to recover some HP regularly.
  • Also, your tears will blend in with all the coins Ultra Greed produced, making it difficult to know who is shooting whom.

Via Glitter Bombs and any form of infinite bombs

  • Acquire Glitter Bombs.
  • Acquire Golden Bomb/No.2/Dr. Fetus/Epic Fetus.
  • Spam bombs/Attack with Epic Fetus.

Via the D20

This is an easy way, since the D20 is quite common in the greed shop pool.

  • Buy the D20.
  • Kill an entire floor without picking up money.
  • Restock the shop until a Little Battery is present.
  • Reroll the money. (Don't touch anything yet.)
  • Buy the Little Battery.
  • Open all the chests.
  • If you don't already have at least 5 cents, pick up coins until you have at least 5 cents.
  • Reroll and repeat the process.

After a couple of rerolls you will have 99 of all consumables. This is improved by also having Chaos, as you will also get a lot of items from Golden Chests

Via Swallowed Penny or Piggy Bank

  • Acquire the Swallowed Penny or Piggy Bank.
  • Acquire any method to regenerate health: Pyromaniac with sufficient/infinite bombs (with sufficient bombs, there's high probability you'll manage to find any number of combos to continue anyway), Bloody Penny, Scapular, Habit with any number of consumable-spawning items, etc.
  • Alternatively, acquire Humbling Bundle, which makes you drop more coins than it costs to heal, or Maggie's bow, which would heal you for more.
  • Take damage, collect coins and health, repeat as required.
  • Be careful not to get damage-prevention effects when doing this: Holy Mantle prevents the sacrifice room from damaging you for this purpose, Mom transformations has a tendency to destroy fires if you aren't careful, Pyromaniac prevents you from using bombs for self damage, Flying prevents you from taking damage from spikes, Holy water can destroy soul fires, etc.

Via IV Bag

  • Manage to start game with Eden holding IV Bag
  • Have at least 2 heart containers
  • Keep using the IV Bag and filling hearts from the market. The price of hearts is 3 cents and usually the IV Bag gives you 1 or 2 cents per half a heart. Though part of this depends on luck(literally), on the long run you will be able to get a margin since the IV Bag gives you nickels or dimes time by time.
  • Use the margin to purchase collectible items or trinkets.
  • PHD, Swallowed Penny, Counterfeit Penny, Bloody Penny will guarantee success on this method and cut down the effort considerably.
  • Placenta can be used as an emergency option.
  • If there is the Little Battery in the market you will be able to produce all the trinkets once you encounter Mom's Box.

Notes on farming methods

  • Avoid the following items whenever possible:
    • DO NOT get Missing No.. It will cause you to reroll your items and ruin the entire strategy.
    • DO NOT get the Little Baggy at all, as it will replace your Two of Diamonds and/or chaos card.
    • Chaos: Will make it a lot harder (nearly impossible) to find Glowing Hour Glass, it's best to find it before picking up Chaos.
    • Marked: Will force you to shoot tears, which with too many items may result in the game repeatedly crashing, not allowing you to continue.
    • ? Card: If used with the Blank Card, you will get teleported to the I AM ERROR room, and lose both ? Card and Blank Card in the process. If used on the Ultra Greed floor, and I AM ERROR shopkeeper will spawn instead.
  • Resetting the Ultra Greed fight many times may cause a bug that strips you of all your items. When this happens, close the program via Task Manager. DO NOT use the Hour Glass or exit the game normally. If you do, the game will save your progress and you will be permanently stripped of your items.
  • Be extremely careful when the giant chest spawns, since accidentally touching it (either by walking into it being knocked into it by an explosive blast) will immediately end your run.


  • The Greed Machine could initially only hold a maximum of 109 coins, blowing up whenever another coin was inserted. However, this was changed with an update when Keeper was revealed.
  • The Greed Machine is slightly more blue than the regular Donation Machine.