Boss RushBoss Rush)是在游戏中的一个限速的挑战。如果玩家能够在20分钟以内击败妈妈,就会打开“Boss Rush”房间的门。

在Boss Rush房间的中间有4个随机道具供玩家选择。当玩家选择了其中之一,其他的3个就会消失,并且Boss Rush开始,大门将关闭。完成Boss Rush后将会生成1个随机道具。

  • DLC.png有概率只有2个道具可供玩家选择。另外,道具可能会被石头或者尖刺围起来。
  • DLC+.png有小概率生成8个道具供选择。


  • Boss Rush将会持续15波,每波会生成2个首领。在消灭当前的2个首领之前,下一波的首领们不会生成。
    • 但是上一波的首领召唤出的怪物不会阻止下一波的首领生成。
  • 有概率所有的首领都会以精英首领的形式生成。
  • Boss Rush的标志是一颗五角星。




所有15波首领是随机生成的,每次生成的两个首领必在下表之中,每个首领在每次Boss Rush中尽可出现一次。


  • If Mom is beaten within 20 minutes and Isaac enters the Devil Room, he must return to the boss room before 20 minutes has passed; otherwise, the Boss Rush door will be closed.
    • If Isaac is teletransported to the Devil Room while inside the Boss Rush room (for example, using a Joker card), exiting the Devil Room will lead him to Mom's Boss Room.
  • If Isaac dies during the Boss Rush, but is able to respawn, the door to the Boss Rush room will still be open if the timer is still under 20 minutes. If the Boss Rush door has closed, the room can still be re-entered by dying in the Mom boss fight room at the cost of another life.
  • The Boss Rush can only be retried by picking up an item off a pedestal in its room. If the item Isaac originally picked from the room was an activated item, the pedestal and item it was swapped out for will still be there. Swapping the items again will restart the fight. Alternatively, a new pedestal can be created, such as through a Judgement card, and taking its item will also restart the fight.
  • DLC.png If a sack spawns for whatever reason, picking it up will start the Boss Rush. The player can still pick up one of the pedestal items.
  • The boss rush does not unlock anything if beaten in a challenge.


  • The player's playtime can be checked at any moment by pressing TAB (or long pressing SELECT on the controller).
  • Each boss will drop red hearts on normal difficulty. Dark Bum can turn these into Soul Hearts, providing loads of extra health.
  • Take out The Carrion Queen quickly, as its Red Poops will remain for the rest of the Boss Rush. They can be advantageous though, as other bosses can also take damage from these Poops. In particular, bouncing bosses like The Hollow and The Husk can quickly kill themselves on contact.
  • Wave 9 can be quite difficult as Monstro II (he always spawns on the left side) can catch the player off guard with an offscreen brimstone laser. The black creep left by Gish will remain until he is killed.
  • The Bloat + Mask of Infamy is one of the hardest waves, but The Bloat can be baited into destroying both the heart and the mask itself of the Mask of Infamy with its Brimstone lasers.
  • Any Teleport effect (such as Cards, activated items, Telepills etc) can be used to leave the Boss Rush. This can be used to gain one item without having to fight any bosses.
  • DLC.png The Gate's curving brimstone attack targets any enemy on screen, including other bosses. It may be beneficial to focus on the other boss before killing it.


Achievement 9 Icon.png

阿撒泻勒通过Boss Rush

Achievement isaac's head.png

以撒通过Boss Rush

Achievement missing no..png

拉撒路通过Boss Rush

Achievement judas' shadow.png

犹大通过Boss Rush

Achievement maggy's bow.png

抹大拉通过Boss Rush

Achievement cain's other eye.png

该隐通过Boss Rush

Achievement eve's mascara.png

夏娃通过Boss Rush

Achievement blue babys only friend.png

???通过Boss Rush

Achievement samson's chains.png

参孙通过Boss Rush

Achievement undefined.png

伊甸通过Boss Rush

Achievement a d100.png

游魂通过Boss Rush

Achievement immaculate conception.png
圣灵受胎 DLC.png

莉莉丝通过Boss Rush

Achievement sticky nickels.png
黏黏的五美分 DLC.png

店主通过Boss Rush

Achievement locust of conquest.png
征服之蝗虫 DLC+.png

亚玻伦通过Boss Rush


Undefined Icon.png漏洞:A very slim possibility exists where a monster spawns upon entering the room. It can be defeated before picking up an item from the center to get what the game considers room complete, unlocking achievements, and dropping a reward item. The possibility of obtaining 1 of the initial 4 items alongside this reward item exists. With 2 items picked up, finishing the actual battle will spawn another reward item for completing the room how it was intended. (Needs additional confirmations, See Discussion: Possibility of 3+ items)

It could be theorized that triggering multiple, independent, occurrences of a monster to spawn upon entering the room, and defeating them without finishing the actual boss battle, that 3+ reward items can be obtained when normally only 2 can be obtained.
Undefined Icon.png漏洞:Prior to 1.05: using teleporting items very quickly after picking a Boss Rush item prevented the 3 other items from disappearing, allowing Isaac to pick a second item if he re-enters the Boss Rush. With multiple teleporting items (cards are easy to get with a Fortune Teller), all the Boss Rush items could be taken without completing it at all.
Undefined Icon.png漏洞:Closing the game upon taking an item and reopening it will mark Boss Rush as cleared without having to fight any waves, as well as let Isaac take the item that spawns at the end.